Anki and learning which require practice (origami, knot, instrument...)

I use anki to learn things which require practice. Origami, drawing, music, rope (nodes and shibari). Music will be considered in another text.

I consider two kinds of practical knowledge, the one requiring making choices (like drawing, or music) and the one requiring knowing by earth some technics you'll repeat many time (ropes, music, origami). I don' have any idea how to deal with the first kind of knowledge, thus I'll only consider the second kind.

I don't know what is the best way to learn either one practical thing I must repeat. I use different techniques for knots and for origami. I'm not yet sure which one works best.

A single field with the informations

For knot, I have 4 fields. The french name, the english name, the purpose of the knot, and the actual way to do the knot. A card show the knot and ask its/their name. Another card show the names and ask for the knot. Then I have to actually do the knot on some ropes. If I suceed, I click on "good", otherwise on "again". This mean I need to have ropes with me when I see those cards. Thus, they are separated from my main set of cards. This allows me to see all of those cards together when I have a rope, and I know anki does not ask any knot while I'm in the subway, for example.

I first tried to answer "good" if I kind of remember the knot, without actually doing it. Most knots seems easy, so I thought it was okay. Until I realized that actually it's quite harder, and I failed when I actually wanted to tie the knot. Thus I add to start from zero and learn the knot while actually doing them.

A list of fields

For shibari, origami, and music pieces, my note have 16 fields. I never use all of them. In each field, I enter a step of the process/piece. Anki will aski me the first part of the process. Then the second on another card, and so on. Finally, it will ask me to recall the whole process. I only practice when anki asks me to recall the whole process. It seems that recalling a single step of the process is too easy, I never really «forget» a step. So it makes no sens to practice it. Furthermore, the 3rd step can't be practiced without doing the 2 first steps[1], so practicing step 3 would take too much time.

I can't tell right now whether it works better using a single question, as for rope, or using one question by step, as with origami. Mostly because I've not see a lot of complicated things, so I use anki to remember things I have known for years, or easy things, and not to learn new things. This will change when I'll be further in the origami/shibari book.


[1] Try to start an origami omitting the creation of its base. Try closing a knot you did not tie.

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