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I'm creating my fursona.

It's a batterfly. That is, mostly a butterfly, but bat paws at the end of the four wings.

Wings with paws

Here is an example of wings+paws. Except that there would be two wings, and thus two paws on each side.


It has two antennas, as any butterfly. The one that is the further away from the viewer/camera has a mini hat (so the hat teleport when the character moves). See for example those mini hats. The goal is not to copy any of those hats, but to give a feeling of the very busy and small hats. The decoration of the hats vary.

To start, I'll take many little flowers at the bottom of the hat, of the colors of the original pride flags, on the hat, and black feathers on top of it.


The proboscis is purple. It can be blowed like a birthday trumpet.


The head and the body are yellow as this butterfly


The wings on both sides are almost (but not perfectly) symmetric. The top and bottom wing are similar. In the sense that the top wing has a clear motive, and the bottom ones have a fuzzy version of the motive. For example if the top wings are the rainbow flags, then the top wings has mostly straight lines and the bottom wings have spirals and the colors merge. (That will be the color choice for the original commission) The motives varies a lot. They are like dyed hairs. It takes time and effort to change, so it's not done often. The same motives can come back or there can be seen only during a month and then never more.


The abdomen is smaller than usual butterfly abdomen. This way, the bottom paws (legs) are longer than the abdomen.


The character stands on his two paws like a human. The abdomen can be used as a third leg, like a kangaroo tail. The two legs are white, as this butterfly.

At the end of those two legs, there are two slippers that are similar to cap paws. Similar to those paws. They are slippers, the actual paws are hidden.

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